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Suite 64

UX Design / Interior design

Crafting A Luxurious Airbnb Experience

Suite 64 is not just an Airbnb listing but a mission to reimagine the vacation rental experience. By merging exceptional luxury with meticulous attention to guest care, we aim to transport guests on an immersive journey that transcends the ordinary. Each touchpoint of this journey is deliberately crafted to leave a lasting, unforgettable impression.

As a UX/UI and interior designer and brand strategist, I reimagined Suite 64 to revolutionize the Airbnb market. My dual-focused design approach integrated an elegant interior layout with a user-centric UX strategy, encompassing every touchpoint of the guest journey and turning it into an unforgettable narrative.

The core aim was to immerse guests in a hotel-like, luxury stay unique to Suite 64, emphasizing its meticulous detailing to establish a deep, enduring brand connection. A secondary strategic target was securing the Superhost status for Suite 64, positioning it as a top-notch listing in the Hsinchu area.


UX, Branding, Interior design


2021 - Present


Airbnb (Browser & App)

A Gap in Luxury Vacation Rentals, Intense Market Competition
01. Creating a Unique, Luxury Guest Experience in a Crowded Market

The Airbnb market is heavily saturated, and it's challenging to differentiate a listing from the vast array of available options. To stand out, Suite 64 needed to provide more than just accommodation - it needed to offer a unique, high-end experience that would capture the attention and interest of prospective guests. This called for a comprehensive approach that would create an immersive, luxurious stay from start to finish.

02. Establishing a Consistent Brand Identity and User Experience

While most Airbnb listings focus on the functional aspects of the property - the rooms, the amenities, etc. - few put a spotlight on the overall guest journey. To offer a truly unique stay, it was critical to consider the entire guest experience, from discovery to check-out and beyond. This would involve crafting a cohesive, compelling narrative around the Suite 64 brand, and designing the user experience to ensure every interaction reinforced this narrative and strengthened the brand's identity.

Building an Unforgettable Luxury Experience & Memorable Brand Identity
01. Curate a Unique Luxury Experience

The primary aim was to elevate the standard Airbnb stay into a unique luxury experience. This would involve thoughtfully designing each aspect of the guest experience to exude sophistication and leave an enduring impression.

02. Establish a Consistent Brand and User Experience

The secondary objective was to develop a strong, memorable brand identity and consistent user experience. This aimed at fostering emotional connections with guests, promoting loyalty, and positioning Suite 64 as a top Airbnb listing in the Hsinchu area.

Redefining the Vacation Rental Experience
01. Elevated Guest Satisfaction

Since the implementation of the UX and interior design, Suite 64 has observed a noticeable uplift in guest satisfaction rates. Glowing reviews and an increase in repeat bookings testify to an improved and memorable guest experience.

02. Boosted Suite 64's Reputation

The unique design approach contributed to an enhanced listing reputation. Suite 64 has successfully gained the coveted Superhost status and established a higher visibility in the Hsinchu area, setting new standards in local Airbnb hosting.

03. Influence on Hosting Practices

The innovative practices employed for Suite 64, from detailed guest engagement to sophisticated amenity provision, have created ripples in the local Airbnb landscape. The design choices made have set a precedent, inspiring hosts to prioritize user experience in their offerings.

Converging Research, Design, and Implementation
01.  Immersive Research

My initial step was to create two distinct user journey maps, one for a typical Airbnb guest and the other for a luxury hotel guest. This comparative approach allowed me to dissect both experiences and identify the most compelling aspects of each. I aimed to incorporate Airbnb's flexibility with the quality and security of luxury hotels, synthesizing an exceptional experience.

02. Defining the User Journey

Based on the findings, I strategized an enhanced user journey that balances Airbnb's flexibility and local charm with the reassuring quality and security of luxury hotels. This approach is crucial to distinguish Suite 64 from its competitors, making it a premier choice for guests seeking an extraordinary stay.

03. Conceptualizing the Suite 64 Experience

Armed with the research insights, I began designing the Suite 64 experience, a unique proposition fusing Airbnb's homey charm and adaptability with the assured quality and security of luxury hotels.

04. Detailed Design & Execution

Next, I worked on translating the concept into tangible touchpoints - from Suite 64's listing, and communication templates, to interior design and smart home setup. The chosen color palette of black, gold, and red, echoed across all elements, solidifying the brand's identity.

Harmonizing Aesthetics and User Experience for an Exceptional Stay
UX Design
Crafting the Brand Identity

The brand identity for Suite 64 was built with luxury, comfort, and personal touch in mind. Every element, from the brand's name, logo, color palette, and typography, was meticulously chosen to represent the high-end stay that Suite 64 promises its guests. Attention to detail was key, as I aimed to evoke a sense of sophistication and exclusivity, while maintaining a warm and inviting aura.

Interior Design

Through these design decisions, Suite 64 harmonizes aesthetic appeal with a streamlined user experience, creating an enchanting space that combines the warmth of home with the sophistication of a luxury hotel.

Pioneering an Exceptional Stay and Setting a High Bar for Future Listings
Achieving Superhost Status

Within three months of listing, Suite 64 managed to achieve and consistently maintain the Superhost status on Airbnb. This milestone is a testament to the effectiveness of the user-centric design and strategic approach employed throughout this project.

In summary, the outcomes of this project demonstrate the potent combination of strategic UX design and high-quality interior design in the vacation rental market. The success of Suite 64 sets a high standard for future projects, confirming the potential for the success of this model to be replicated and scaled across other listings.

Client                                  N/A

Designer                              Steve Chang                     

Photographer                       Dave Wu


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